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Beautiful, moving sights and sounds recorded with solar power, in remote villages in the West Bank, Jamaica, India, Ghana, Brazil and Tibet.

Greenstar builds a solar-powered community center that delivers electricity, pure water, health and education information, and a wireless Internet connection, to villages in the developing world.

We record art, music, photography, legends and storytelling in traditional communities, and bring these unique, priceless products to global markets. Revenues from this "digital culture" are returned to the village to support their ongoing, independent development.

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Why Greenstar?
Read "Sweatshops and Butterflies"

Read an unusual Greenstar interview with the editors of Grist, the online journal ailliated with Earth Day; then see the resulting dialog with Grist readers worldwide.

Free MP3 music link

Here you can download free, dozens of MP3 music tracks;
Fascinating, exotic sounds from the West Bank, Jamaica, India and Ghana, all made with solar power.

Visit the new Greenstar Cafe.
A rich variety of original images from developing countries, custom-printed on caps, mugs, T-shirts, tote bags, mousepads and more...

West Bank

Speak Together: the West Bank

The first Greenstar project was in Al-Kaabneh, a Bedouin settlement on the West Bank. The music and artwork on this website have never been available anywhere else, and come from one of the oldest cradles of civilization in the Middle East.

The village has its own Web page, to help introduce them to the Internet; click here to see it. You can also read a comprehensive guide to the religion of Islam.

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Patriensah, Ghana:
The Heart of Afica

Greenstar's newest solar-powered village has electricity, a wireless Web connection, small computers, education and health resources.

Ghanaian girl

And the world now has expressions of extraordinary power and beauty from the Ashanti people of the village, one of Africa's oldest traditions.

Click here for music, panoramas, artwork and more.

Mahatma Gandhi; developing countries

Paravatpur, Andhra Pradesh:
The Sacred Voice of India

Click here for details on the digital culture program in Andhra Pradesh, dedicated to the memory, principles and ideas of Mahatma Gandhi.

Greenstar India art culture

Jamaica info

Swift River Jamaica: the Roots of Reggae

Greenstar developed a center in the remote mountains of Jamaica, working with the people of Swift River to bring you an authentic, rare voice: music, artwork, photography, virtual panoramas -- from a tradition that is rich in language, wisdom and history.

You can see and hear some of their work, including a number of free MP3 music and poetry tracks, right here.

Jamaica mountains

About the Solar-Powered Community Center

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butterflyDigital Culture: a briefing on Music and Ecommerce
E-Philanthropy: Changing our way of Giving
Solar Power Efficiency: scientific study
Greenstar Newsletter: current news, free subscription
Sweatshops & Butterflies: the basis of cultural ecology
globeSee our growing directory of Premium Partners: organizations that benefit from sales of our digital culture products.
Key Greenstar affiliates: the National Renewable Energy Lab , the World Resources Institute, and Unisong, which collaborate with Greenstar on digital culture projects.

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