Telemedicine for Algeria


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Table of Contents

Telemedicine for Algeria

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Major determinants of health

Significant changes impacting health

Topics of discussion

Convergence of two revolutions impacting health

Health system reengineering

Health system reengineering

The Global Intelligent Network

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Global information infrastructure

Definition of Health Information Infrastructure

Health information infrastructure

Koop foundation activities

Underlying HII tools

Year 2005 Vision

Year 2000 Vision

Koop HII and Telemedicine Policy Work HII Consortium, IEEE, GII Commission, WHO

Sonatrach and the Algerian military: opportunities from Koop enterprises

Definitions of telemedicine

Telemedicine brings

Telemedicine: working definition

Three historical waves of telemedicine

Developmental stages of telemedicine

Telemedicine today

Typical Telemedicine Link

Network requirements

Platform Requirements

Telemedicine - Needs

ATM Medical Imaging Application

Future Network Architecture

Telemedicine in the U.S. military

Outstanding telemedicine programs

Norwalk Hospital - AmeriCares Telemedicine Project

Information Infrastructure at AmeriCares Clinic

Information Infrastructure

Norwalk Telemedicine Link

Telemed Workstation - 1

Telemed Workstation - 2

Telemed Workstation - 3

Telemedicine - Software

Implementation Strategies

Application Experiences

Potential Based on Experience

Potential of Telemedicine

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ATM Medical Imaging Application

Future Network Architecture

Questions and answers

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International HII Mission

KFI HII R&D Mission

Vision Year 2010

Horizon technologies


Author: Dr. Michael McDonald

Email:; Dr. Michael McDonald