November 29, 1999
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Greenstar Builds a
Brain Trust

Jonathan Lash Named
to Board of Directors

LOS ANGELES, CA -- What do a former White House staffer, a solar power engineer, a high-tech businessman and an expert in international development have in common?

They're all members of the Board at Greenstar Corporation, a Web e-commerce company which invests in advanced technologies in developing countries to further peace and economic independence.

Jonathan Lash of the World Resources Institute joins the other founding members of Greenstar, who are Jock Gill, Peter McKenzie and Michael North --the White House staffer, solar engineer and high-tech businessman, respectively. Lash is one of many recent additions to Greenstar's brain trust, which includes more than a dozen premier experts in e-commerce, developing economies, health and telemedicine, renewable energy and international affairs.

Lash, a distinguished expert in international affairs, is president of the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC. WRI is active in more than 50 countries worldwide, and pursues the study and practical implementation of new ideas in the fields of ecosystems, climate change and economic activity. Lash's public-service posts include co-chair of the President's Council on Sustainable Development and member of the US Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee. He is also an attorney specializing in natural resources and a former Peace Corps volunteer.

Michael North, President of Greenstar, commented, "The addition of Lash and others of his caliber brings a powerful asset to our company. His guidance and leadership will increase our ability to put practical tools like, health services, renewable energy, education, telecommunications and e-commerce in the hands of people who will use these tools to develop economic independence."

Greenstar ( has also developed a strong group of "Ambassadors"-- the best and brightest experts who provide information, guidance, ideas and advice to Greenstar. New Ambassadors include:

* Edward C. Kern, Jr., Ph.D., President of Ascension Technology, Inc., expert in photovoltaics;
* Grey E. Burkhart, CEO of Allied Communications Engineering, Inc., consulting engineer;
* Dr. Michael D. McDonald, President of Global Health Initiatives, Inc., expert in telemedicine;
* Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Director of the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi, leader in international energy and environment policy;
* Dr. Khalid Moidu, Ph.D, from Medical Center of Boston International, International Health & Telemedicine Advisor;
* Anthony Michael Rutkowksi, Director of the Center for Next Generation Internet, engineer and attorney;
* Dr. Janet Poley, President and CEO of the ADEC Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), expert in distance learning;
* David P. Reed, Ph.D., Consultant, formerly of Interval Research, Lotus Corp and MIT;
* Stephen Wheeler, Founder of Pacific Graphics, expert in business, finance and marketing strategy;
* Larry Seaquist, former US Navy battleship commander, security analyst, leader in Mid-East and Central Asia strategy;
* Mark Irion, President of The Dutko Group, political and public affairs;
* David Aylward, President of National Strategies; public communications;
* Jim Hake, Founder of Global Information Infrastructure and The Standard for Internet Commerce, communications strategy;
* Dr. Fuad Abulfotuh, solar power engineer, field logistics; and,
* Chuck Chamberlain, US Postal Service strategist, e-commerce and distribution.

Greenstar Development Worldwide, Inc. delivers self-contained, solar-powered, internet-connected community centers to areas of the world not currently on the electric grid in a highly portable, unified hardware system. Greenstar centers include a segmented room which can serve as a medical clinic with basic equipment and telemedicine connections, a classroom, an e-commerce center with computer workstation-all powered by a commercial grade photovoltaic solar power array, and connected to the Internet through a satellite dish or digital cellular modem for high speed telecommunications. A Greenstar center allows communities to set up e-commerce sites to buy and sell their products, empowering them to participate in the global marketplace.

Details of Greenstar's demonstration project in a small isolated Palestinian villiage on the West Bank are available online, at New "digital culture" products are available for purchase and immediate download on the Web, including original Bedouin music in MP3 format ( and artwork created by the villagers (