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Connecting the developing world's poor to the outside world

In October, Greenstar India announced a new project to build 50 solar electric powered community and ecommerce centers in remote villages throughout India. The installations will take place over the next three years. Photovoltaic installations that provide internet access not only highlight the potential of PV to the world at large, they also foster better education for the poor, and open the possibility of communication to the outside world. The first site was dedicated on October 2, in Parvatapur village, in southern India, in conjunction with celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday.

Organization and financial development of the Greenstar project has been spearheaded by longtime PV industry leader, Dr. Charles F. Gay, Founder and Senior Vice President of Greenstar Development Worldwide in Los Angeles, and Michael J. North, Greenstar President. Greenstar includes two organizations, one a not-for-profit foundation, the other a business corporation.

Functionally, Greenstar is described as a media development and production company, in music, video, books and artwork. The organization provides an exchange of commercial value through production and sale of developing country media to private individuals and organizations in industrialized countries. Products currently available can be found and sampled on the internet at <> .

A part of the sales revenue returns to the originating artists and to the village for project purchases, creation of revolving funds enabling individual purchases of PV lighting kits, etc. A part of the revenues goes to Greenstar, funding expansion of the development projects. In addition, the India project is receiving support from the Sterling Group, a provider of high speed internet access in India. Greenstar is looking to develop additional associations with organizations in the photovoltaic industry that are looking to expand photovoltaic programs and business plans.

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