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Once electricity was flowing for the first time to the school, people were eager to make it work; the first item connected was a Pentium-class multimedia computer, with camera, microphone, color printer, speakers, touchscreen and a small library of educational and work software.

The teachers immediately began typing up a lesson plan, and the students explored the sights, sounds and history of Palestine. The touchscreen proved useful, for those people unfamilar with moving a mouse pointer and clicking a button.

The system has a 100BaseT network adapter, for the planned high-speed Internet wireless connection, which will allow video conferencing and ecommerce to be introduced to Al-Kaabneh.



A key element of the Greenstar program is to provide a connection to electronic commerce for local villages, so they can economically offer local products for sale to a worldwide market. The tapestry and stringed "rebaba" instrument above were both made by Al-Kaabneh villagers for their own use, and will shortly find their way onto "Al-Kaabneh.com."

The hand-blown glassware and beautiful brass coffee servers below are made in nearby Hebron. These products, including a slingshot identical to David's from the Bible, ancient clay oil lamps and vases, a shepherd's unique double-barreled bamboo flute, and artwork created by local students, will help provide a steady source of cash income for the villagers.

Greenstar is developing the necessary business network to manage finance and export in conjunction with local Palestinian businessmen.



In recognition of the pioneering work of the Palestinian Energy Authority in making the Al-Kaabneh installation possible, Greenstar presented its International Innovation Award to the PEA. Shown (left) accepting the award is Dr. Abdul Rahman Hamad, Minister of Housing, from Greenstar director Michael North.

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Photos and narrative by Michael North;
© copyright 1999, Greenstar Foundation
Thanks to Fuad Abulfotuh of ASE and Ibrahim Yehia
of Sol-Nur for their assistance in installing the Greenstar system in Al-Kaabneh.