Greenstar Connections

Energy, Environment, Development:

An Introduction
OECD Statistics
Climate Change Secretariat
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Information Sources
World Resources Institute
Environmental Technologies
Golden Field Office - DOE
Sustainable Development
India Sustainable Development
Consortium for International Earth Science Information


Government Initiatives
U.S. - Alliance to Save Energy
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Natural Resources Defense Council
Tellus Institute
Union of Concerned Scientists
Utility Transformation Canada


Partnership Initiatives
Social Venture Network
U.N. Partnerships


Financial Participants
U.N. Financing
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
College of Healthcare Information Management Executives
U.S. State Benefits for Renewable Energy
Agency for International Development
Asian Development Bank



"Green" Brand Labeling
Global Ecolabelling
Green Seal
Energy Star
Green Standards
Sustainable Energy Development Authority


Technical Information Resources
Gorby Files: Renewable Energy
Envronmental Policy Atlas
Technology Information
Creative Energy Technologies
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Sandia National Laboratory
Natural Resources of Canada
Solar Energy Training Center
International Solar Energy Society


Entrepreneur Resources
Kauffman Center
Home Office Association
Small Business Advisor
Biz WebPro


Business Directory
Solar Electric Systems
James & James Publishers



"Green" Catalogs
Real Goods
Jade Mountain
Home Power
Cadre General

Adobe Trading Post
Green Shopping
Non-Toxic Directory
by Hand



Wireless Networks
Breeze Net
Old Colorado City
Tachyon Satellite Network

Hutton Online
eSat Networks,Inc.



Student Programs
Information about renewable energy
Earth Day Network
Students for Responsible Business
Roofus Solar Home
Energy Quest
Earth to Kids
Earth Environmental Awareness
HOPES - U.of Oregon
Princeton University Center for Energy & Environmental Studies
Sonoma State University
Stanford Youth Environmental Science Program
Youth in Action Network



Private Volunteer Organizations
and Non-government Organizations
Volunteers in Technical Assistance
Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
Peace Corps
International Network for Sustainable Energy
Clean Cities
Green Power Providers



Case Studies:
Interface Inc.