using women's power to bring
new life to Sierra Leone


"We are not going to lose one more child; have one more village wrecked, suffer one more rape. As women, we are going to fight this war -- with communication tools, not guns. If the rebels know that all the world is watching our villages; hearing our voices, they will think twice."

Jariatu Sesay, women's leader, Sierra Leone


MAMAS has been working intensely for three years to address the continuing tragedy of violence, hunger, poverty and refugees in the West African nation of Sierra Leone.

MAMAS applies the technology of developed nations to provide an information network for international programs of peace and reconciliation, health, and economic development in Sierra Leone. It will act as a demonstration of these capabilities for similar programs in other parts of the developing world.

The Crisis and E-Recovery Network is a partnership, managed by E-Health Solutions in collaboration with Greenstar and many other important stakeholders. The group is headed by Linda Hawkin-Israel and is based at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Across the university campus, advanced technology labs have collaborated with MAMAS project for five years, to develop an integrated approach in the use of communications for communities in crisis and nations recovering from conflict.

This end-to-end, two way communications network will begin with the local people of Sierra Leone utilizing mobile phones with GIS/GPS capabilities to link to wireless, solar-powered internet hubs. Once the critical information about local conditions is gathered, it will be sent electronically to a central database managed by the University of Washington in partnership with universities in crisis arenas.

The product of this database will be a website which will allow agencies and NGOs to search and assess current critical needs overlaid on a geographic map. Local radio broadcast will relay information about international and governmental efforts back to the local people.

The MAMAS team includes universities, information technology companies, development organizations, commercial industry sponsorships, and issue-based advocacy networks.


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